Our Vision

"Our Vision is a world where everybody has decent shelter"

Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs in small communities with technology for converting waste into income and products”

What do we offer

Social Responsibility and entrepreneurship are no contradiction.
In the next few lines we explain how we want to contribute to this circular economy:

Six principles to change the system

Circular economy is all about closing resource loops, mimicking natural ecosystems in the way we organize our society and businesses. But we shouldn’t be closing loops just for the sake of it. We also have to take into account the social and ecological impact of our actions, and use renewable energy to make the transition towards a circular economy happen. Therefore, we defined six principles for a successful circular economy that are depicted below.

Six Principles Explained
The final result is an economy:

  • In which materials streams are efficiently managed and recycled;
  • That runs entirely on the basis of renewable energy; and
  • Without negative effects on human life or the ecosystem

Source: http://www.circle-economy.com/circular-economy